Her hair so beautiful, silky and long,
She turns to you as she sings her song.

Heading towards you, she skips to a dance,
Your eyes are locked! you’re in a trance!


Dragoon.com.au presents - Bestiary - Adrian Shaws adaptations of Fantastic Beasts - Monsters Alphabetically listed A to Z and a selected range illustrated. Each month a new monster and description will be added, updates via our facebook page.


repare to be enchanted by some mythical creatures, mega beasts and magical beings of the fantastic! *Marked creatures - The name of the creature is Adrian Shaws variation for Dragoon.com.au inspired by fantasy.

Monsters starting with A

Asp Turtle
The Asp Turtle is a gigantic sea turtle that can be mistaken for a small island because of its colossal size. They are an ancient old creature where over the ages from the build up of mud and dirt, vegetation and trees grow upon its shell. On occasion it would submerge into the sea drowning any who have clambered on it, sometimes unknowingly by the Asp Turtle.

Monsters starting with B

A large hostile reptilian beast, they are capable of destroying a small village. The Basilisk has a distinctive crown shaped forehead set above a set of glowing eyes that would stun any man into fear, and can also leave a deadly venomous trail of slime.

Balgrom* (commonly known as a Balrog)
A ferocious fire demon of greater status, that dwells deep in the dungeons of the underworld. They are usually equipped with a long fire whip and or sword, and are a fierce foe in battle. Some Balgroms can cast powerful spells. Ancient times Balgroms roamed out on the lands, but sought refuge deeper into the caverns of the earth after a great war after which their numbers became scarce.

Monsters starting with C

A creature that is part human from head to waist, and the rest of its form is of a horse. They are fast and agile, and usually favour the Bow and Arrow as a weapon of choice.

A small winged two legged dragon with the head of a rooster.

Check back for Adrians variation.

Check back for Adrians variation.

Monsters starting with D

A common evil being usually in humanoid form, some have the ability of flight. Demons are a formidable foe in battle, but nowhere near as powerful then their cousins the Balgrom, a greater demon.

A majestic beast, which is usually in the form of a winged serpent with clawed limbs, however the species of Dragons are of many. They can be fierce or friendly, primitive or intelligent. Some of its abilities range from breathing flames or ice bolts, to spell casting powerful magic. They can be found soaring the skies or deep in the caverns of the underworld.

The dwarf is a humanoid race, but of half size. Though they are short in height, they have incredible strength and are very skilled crafts men. For a small being they build grand underground halls and chambers carved deep into the mountains. They are known to be excellent miners and like to horde gold.

Check back for Adrians variation.

Monsters starting with E

Ealdent* (commonly known as an Ent)
An old and ancient race of giant tree beings that are mainly found deep within the forests, though on occasions can be found solitary in a plain or perched high on a rock. Preferring to remain planted where they had spawned, it would be very rare to see one in movement. It is possible for an Ealdent to lay undiscovered during their life span and is unknown how long they live for. Standing lifeless and still would startle anyone who sees it begin to animate before them. Ealdents can cast powerful magic and are peaceful guardians of the forests, unlike their counterpart the Evil Ealdent whom are enchanted by some evil spell or possession to wreak havoc.

Elves are a mystic race of people with distinctive pointed ears that live amongst the forests away from society. Keeping to themselves, they tend to avoid humans as they see man as greedy and corrupt. They are very intelligent beings that can cast magic spells and are known to live up to and beyond a thousand years.

A giant two headed monster.

Monsters starting with F

Magic beings in human form usually the size of a small child, though some species can be smaller than a human thumb. With their youthful looks, fairies never seem to look old, even at the end of their life cycle. They have wings similar to that of a dragon fly which gives them the ability of flight.

A creature that is half human and half goat, its human form is from head to waist but with horns extruding from its forehead. Fauns are usually sighted in woods playing a musical flute.

Monsters starting with G

A demonic night spirit that lays dormant within a stone demon like statue only to come to life at sun down, after which it turns back to stone during the day. Beware when night falls as this flying menace can devour any whom stands in its path.

Ghost (also known as spirits and specters)
Once living beings in which their life has passed, these lost souls are in limbo roaming the earth, some unaware they are no longer living. In time they move on to another plane, but those that lived the life of evil choose to remain to haunt the living.

These demonic monsters dwell in graveyards and abandoned places. They eat the dead, drinking the blood and feeding of fresh or rotting corpses.

Goblins are a short ugly creature with an evil nature. They are usually called upon as they can cast magic, and to whoever summons them, a Goblin would form a string loyalty with.

The Griffin is a brave and powerful beast with a body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. If a Griffins mate dies it will not seek another, instead choosing a lone life. Griffins are masters of the sky and land.

Monsters starting with H

Halflings are a humanoid race of small people that aver very peaceful and charismatic.

These creatures have the form of a giant bird, but the head and torso of a bare woman. Harpies were known to steel things including snatching other beings and violently ripping them apart with their claws.

A demonic dog known as the Hellhound are a vicious breed of beast. They are black as night and have glowing red eyes and can sometimes be seen emitting flames giving it the appearance of being on fire.

The human beings are great in numbers that populate the realm. Like creatures, humans have the ability to master spell casting, making them a greater being usually seen as a magician.

These beasts are similar to dragons and serpents, but would have multiple heads and were amphibious monsters of land and sea. If any one of its head were severed, the beast would still function as long as one head remains.

Monsters starting with I

These creatures are lesser demons and small in size. They can be summoned and form a bond to their masters as servants, but while wild and free they can be known to play pranks on humans.

Monsters starting with J

The Jaculus is a very small flying serpent. They hide in the trees waiting for prey below. Though small in size, they are known to take on victims much larger than themselves. On occasion they may attack in surprise on humans, snatching an eye or ear!

Monsters starting with K

These are small spirits that can be found in various populated places whom are also known as home spirits or mine spirits. They have the ability to shape shift into animals and objects, and have a mischievous behaviour.

The Kraken is a gigantic sea monster that resembles a giant squid or octopus, and is known to use its long tentacles to drag down an entire ship and its crew to the deep depths of the sea.

Monsters starting with L

Like the fairy but a small and usually older looking male, they like to horde their gold and hide it. Legend has it that when caught they will grant 3 wishes in return for their release, however due to the leprechauns mischievous behaviour, these wishes can usually end up placing you in a worse off position.

The Leviathan is another giant sea monster like the Kraken, but in a different form of a long Sea Serpent or monstrous fish.

Monsters starting with M

Magician (also known as a wizard, mage, sorcerer, warlock, witch, enchanter or any other being that practices magic)
Greater beings of a higher status that specialty is in practicing magic in casting spells, for novel or devastating purposes either for good or evil. Magicians are usually humanoids but creatures can also master this craft.
Wizard: Magic ability from their training and learning’s.
Mage: Magic ability granted by another source.
Sorcerer: Magic ability inherent.
Warlock and Witches: Magic ability granted by another source.

Mermaids are creatures of the sea, with a female body from head to waist and a fish tale that forms its lower half. It is not known the true nature of the Mermaid. Sailors tell stories of being rescued by them, and some tell tales of mermaids dragging souls to a watery grave.

The Minotaur is a creature with the head of a bull and a body of a man.

The Mummy is a powerful being that has been summoned back as an undead, possessing the once lifeless corpse it now roams the world of the living, still wrapped in cloth from its burial.

Monsters starting with N

The Naga is a ferocious and aggressive creature. From the waist up they take human form, whilst the lower half of the being is of a long serpent’s tale. They can be found roaming on land or at sea, usually not too far off the shore along the coast. So next time whilst standing in the shallows of the beach, keep an eye out!

Nixe are a female water spirit, their male counterpart is known as a Nex. The female Nixe is a beautiful woman that lures men into the water.

Monsters starting with O

An Ogre is a large ugly humanoid monster. They are hostile and violent and are known devour humans in seconds, though with their cruel nature some like to make their victim suffer, by slowly ripping of their limbs or chewing away at parts of their live victim.

The Orc is a humanoid creature of war. They make a formidable force as a horde army. They can be very strong and some can cast magic, however some breeds can be incompetent and week.

Monsters starting with P

The Phoenix is a magnificent bird that is a fire spirit with lush feathers of numerous colours. They can live up to a thousand years and at the end of their life cycle they burst into fierce flames in which emerges a new born baby phoenix.

Pixies are similar to fairies but without wings, yet still have the ability to levitate through the air. They have very long pointed eras and wear nothing else but a very long pointed hat as common attire. They are known to be mischievous by leading any traveler astray into the woods.

Monsters starting with Q

These creatures are large man eating plants, and are usually found amongst shrubbery in wetlands. They have long vines that act as tentacles to grasp and strangle its victim, and can also sprout an additional thick stem that can be used to swat its prey. Some species can shoot tiny poisonous spores to paralyse its victim.

Monsters starting with R

The Rot is a putrid slime that forms a decaying rotting blob. This creature can also be in the form of a sludge pool or mound. They emit a foul stench and like quicksand can seize and devour its victims. The Rot can secrete a deadly acid spay at its victims.

Monsters starting with S

Skeletons are the bones of the dead, reassembled and reanimated by some evil force to be brought back as the undead

The Serpent is a long giant snake like beast that can be found on land and at sea.

Monsters starting with T

Trolls are a giant ugly beast with incredible strength, but are not very intelligent. Due to their might, Trolls are highly sought after to be enslaved and used for either labour or war.

Monsters starting with U

The Unicorn is a magical horse that has large wings of an eagle for flight, and a long spike that is crowned upon its forehead.

Monsters starting with V

The Vampire is an evil humanoid creature of the night, cursed to feed on blood. They have sharp fangs used to sink into their prey, draining the life by drinking the blood of their victim. Some vampires have ghoulish habits drinking the blood of the dead. Vampires can never venture out in daylight as sunshine will incinerate them.

Monsters starting with W

The Werewolf is a cursed being that transforms into an upstanding ferocious wolf at night on the cycle of the full moon. During any other time they revert back to their normal being. They are a tough beast to kill, unless impaled by weapons made of silver will kill the Werewolf.

The wisp is a tiny glowing entity in the form of a flickering light, seen at night hovering in places like swamps, bogs and marshes. They are peaceful and harmless on their own but can be freighting in swarms.

Wrym Worm*
The Wrym Worm is a large monstrous worm like serpent related to the dragon, but burrows in the earth. They are known to place themselves as a trap just below the ground for its victim to tread across, only for the ground to give way and its prey fall into the waiting jaws of the Wrym Worm

Monsters starting with X

A Xenomorph is a shape shifting alien terror of unknown origin. Foreign strangers not of our world who travel from far distant galaxies or via dimensional portals, some are known to wreak havoc amongst the populous. If you happen to come across one, be prepared to either shake hands or shake heads!

A horrid floating ball shaped creature of evil that has the ability to cast magic. It has one huge eye at its centre front, which is surrounded with multiple smaller eyes branching out on the end of each stem.

Monsters starting with Y

Yeth Hound
The Yeth Hound, a headless spirit dog known to haunt passing travellers. Similar to the Hell Hound but much larger in size, they hail from the dark planes and can be a horrific sight to come across.

Monsters starting with Z

Zombies are reanimated corpses summoned back as the walking dead, controlled by an unknown evil force. They roam the land with a cannibalistic obsession for fresh flesh! Always in a continuous state of decay, their rotting flesh gradually deteriorates exposing their bare bones!

*Marked creatures - The name of the creature is Adrian Shaws variation for Dragoon.com.au inspired by fantasy. Each month a new monster and description will be added, updates via our facebook page.


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